Saturday, September 10, 2005


BASIL PASTA I MAKE (one of 3 dishes i make theother two being Maggi and Omlette:D)

ok heres the recipe,very easy to make and well i find it quite tasty(could be cause i have made it myself)

you need-

about 20 leaves of basil(Tulsi)
about 4-5 big ripe red tomatoes
3-4 cloves of garlic
Baby corn
French Beans
olives(if you have em)

Cut the beans and brocolli and baby corns and thegarlic and stirr fry in veggie oil(or olive oil if you are rich:P)
Puyree the tomatoes and the basil in a Mixer till u get a very fine paste.Pour the mixture into the pan with all the veggies,add salt to taste,a pinch of black pepper.Let it be on fire for about 5-10 mins and the n add the penne pasta(which has been boiled i am assuming) into the mixtiurte and cook on high flame for 5 more mins..
Let it cool..then pour in a bowl and put a slice of cheese on it and insert in micxrowave for 30 secs so the cheese melts..and enjoy:)..

Sunday, September 04, 2005

thje way you looked at me that evening
the sun was hanging barely by the horizon
the crimson skies bore witness
they must have felt my heart flutter

The birds were not chriping
yet the music lingered
existence was the music
she was the flute n
she the breath

Nver before such eyes
Nver before such innocence
Never before such unconditinal love
I swear i would have drowned
if only i knew how too
i didn't
but only cause my love has not
reached those depths yet
where fear of losing one self is trancended

But i promise
one day
i shall love you in a way
that will make me worthy of those eyes
the way they looked at me that evening.

*crimson is the name of hue of the evening sky yeah?when the sun is setting.