Wednesday, November 30, 2005

yet another marvelous recipe from the great chef himself :) (on pouplar demand :P)

veggie sandwich..

need big sandwich bread

mushroom(let em be in microwave for 30 secs to make em rubbery n soft)
sweet corn
mozrella cheeze
plain cheeze slice
oregano(dominoes one will be great)

hmm on 2nd thots,i just retried da recipe..hmm n u can leave out da jalapeno..olive mushrooms(done in micro) n sweet cporn make a great combo.

hmm toast or grill da sandwich(u know whree ta put da ingredients ;) )
i used maah moms tandoori oven:D..which toasts form both sides.

also try some garlic bread in a elctric tandoor/2 sided oven.with mozrella cheeze olive and jalapeno..with chilli flakes n organo. mmmmmmmmm
with ketchup n mustard sauce ooh yeaaah,.